Online Registration Will Open November 4

Check back here on October 28 when the practice registration site will go live.  You will be able to see the scheduled events and begin to plan your visit (available through November 3rd).  The practice site does NOT complete your actual registration.

Online registration will open 8 a.m. Pacific Time on Saturday, November 4th. It will close Tuesday, January 2nd at midnight.

Every Martin Luther King weekend over 500 California bird festival lovers visit Morro Bay, California, a Globally Important Bird Area, to see, photograph, and learn more about birds.  Morro Bay is located halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco on the Pacific Flyway. The area offers pristine beaches, beautiful state parks, an excellent natural history museum, panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and, best of all, thousands of birds.  Over 200 species are usually sighted during the Festival weekend.

Inn at Morro Bay

Inn at Morro Bay

Again this year:  Early check-in will be available from 3 pm to 7 pm on Thursday, January 11, 2018, at the Inn at Morro Bay . No registration or registration changes will be available; it's just a head start on your process.  And fun!  The Inn will offer specials for Festival attendees.

As always, the onsite Registration desk, check-in, trip starters, and the Bazaar (open to the public) will be located at the Morro Bay Community Center, 1001 Kennedy Way.

Opening Reception

Friday, January 12 - 5:00-6:30pm
For Bird Festival Registrants

Enjoy wine and cheese and meet fellow birders in the Bird Festival Bazaar area. Browse through the vendor booths featuring binoculars and scopes, books and CDs, garden art, watercolors and nature photography, wood carvings, jewelry, clothing and more!

George Armistead

Saturday, January 13, 7:00-8:30pm

"My Ornithologist": The Unique Life of the Birder

Being a birder is hard work. Sure, we see lots of beautiful things, many amazing places and are afforded a unique perspective through our favorite past-time. But as birders we are also the subject of curiosity and bewilderment among much of the rest of society. And when people ask us what we like about birding we struggle to answer, because really what's not to like? George will explore the idea of being a birder in a largely non-birding world, and discuss the unique space our subculture occupies within American society.

David Pereksta

Sunday, January 14,  7:00-8:30pm