2017 Event Schedule

Please note: The bird festival schedule is subject to change.
For current information, please use the "Plan Your Tip" listings search below.

Schedule Codes

Type of Event:
 F/Field, P/PresentationS/Special

Meeting Place: BU/Buellton, CC/Community Center, CH/First Christian Church, CL/Cloisters, EM/Embarcadero, MU/Museum of Natural History, MBHS/Morro Bay High School, MBL/Morro Bay Landing, MDO/Montaña de Oro, MR/Morro Rock, OF/Oso Flaco, SM/Santa Maria, SPM/State Park Marina, VH/Veterans’ Hall

Level of Difficulty:
 B/Beginner, Y/Youth Encouraged, W/Wheelchair Accessible.

for Vans or Boats, or Field Trips